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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Amare and the Kumquat Tree

Today was a really good  day.  April, Seth and Amare cane over and brought me a Kumquat Tree. 

I went with my friend Joan to the closing sale that Jay's Indian Arts is having until April 28. When they close, we will be buying off of the net.  Not much left in the way of my kind of beads here in Tucson.

When I got back, April, Seth, and Amare showed up with a baby Kumquat tree.  

Amare worked on a Star Wars kit while we chatted and planted a tree. 

After lunch, we came back in the house. I looked out the window and saw Tessie slipping out to the tree. 

She is in love again.  A tree with Tessie sized fruit.  Best thing that has ever happened to her.

We talked Amare into watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".

At first, he was not sure he wanted to watch it. By the time it was done, he was singing along with the Umpa Lumpas and he loved it.  I have a feeling that April and Seth are going to be watching that movie again soon!
After they left, I went out to hunt for Tessie and found her in the top of the new tree. If I let her, she would string a hammock from the branches and spend the night.

Not going to happen.
The two grape vines I planted are already starting to vine around the trellises. We are going to be up to our ears in fruit this year... Well... At least up to Tessie's ears.

Back to looking at all of the beads that I bought this morning.

See you tomorrow.

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