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Friday, February 16, 2018

It's still drizzling!

That puts me in a mood for doing quiet things. 

First quiet thing? About two and a half rows on the rug.  I am not sure how big it is going to be until the thread runs out.  I still have quite a bit left.
Turquoise and Fuzzy is done.  I made it to keep the two disappearing remotes together.  It is working well so far... Of course I only finished it last night.

Ask me about a week from now where the remotes are... I will have no idea. Oh well...
I also started re-doing some of my memory wire bracelets.  They were all on round shaped memory wire.  Walmart is carrying some that is oval shaped now.  I like that better. It is more comfortable on my wrist.

This is one of my favorites.
The rain has been doing some good.  My berry plants are all happily growing new leaves and the strawberry plant has five berries on it so far... Now if I can get them to grow up and turn red, I will be a happy camper.

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


meemaw said...

That bracelet is beautiful; the colors are fantastic together! Glad to hear you are getting some rain; I hope my Mother up in Walsenburg CO is going to get some wet too! This is why I live in New England...can't ever get enough Green into my retinas lol! Good luck with all your garden plantings; Spring is never far behind here when I see sap buckets going up! Be safe!

2minimom said...

The bracelet is so beautiful. I saw something new today-kumihimo bracelets made with beads added in during the process. Made me think of you!