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Sunday, February 11, 2018

I will Not Bead a Saw Handle!!!

First of all. This is why we live in Arizona! The sky was even more red than the photo.  Beautiful Sunset!
 Now about the Terrible Two... They have spent most of the day finding mini tools for me to bead new handles for... So far, I am vetoing every one that they have suggested.  I will NOT bead saw handles and screwdriver handles.  No way. No how!!!

They are still trying to find things.  I thought that it would finally dawn on them that this would take away time for minis.  Oh well. It gave me a lot of free time away from the tools.

They wouldn't let me use any of the ones that they were sorting.

That was bad enough, but Spike got involved and started his own pile.  At least his were half way sensible.
I only have half of a rosemary bush to trim.

I had an idea while trimming.  It would be much easier than making Walter saw them to the ground.

I am thinking that I might try growing some vines around the bottoms and train them to go up the trunks to the branches. 

We shall see what we can do... Maybe a morning glory tree or a sweet pea tree?

I am going to have to go look at seeds on Tuesday... Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

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