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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Early and Fast!

I spent the last couple of hours converting a pair of earrings  into small necklaces for Walter and April.

They were two silver and turquoise earrings that Walter inherited from his mom. 

He asked me if I could make them into necklaces.  It was one of those, "I think I can." moments.

It worked!
I took these thingies off of the back of each earring. I am not sure what they are called.  Maybe the clips for the earrings.

Anyway, with my needle nose pliers they came right out. No trouble at all.
This is now what they look like on the back.  I bent the little finding that the clips were attached to over to the back and made sure that they were touching the back of the earring.

I then took a jump ring and added it to each of those.

Then I took another jump ring and added that to each of the ones that I had attached to the earring.

Then I ran the chain through and attached a fastener and a ring to each end of the chains. Not hard to do at all. 

I am going to go back into the bathroom and take a look at all of the earrings that I never wear. I think that Walter was on to something.  I may have a lot of new pendants from old earrings!

I like this idea.

See you tomorrow.  Maybe with more pendants!

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azteclady said...

That's a wonderful idea, and so well executed!