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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

At Least It's Not the Flu

Cleaning can be fun! I found enough #24 canvas to make a ton of rugs! It was stuffed in the back of my closet.

Now I want to design new rugs.  If I do, I will put some of them on the blog for you.

That is if I can get the canvas away from Kota. 

He seems to think that they would be fun to chew on.
I am getting the bedroom back to working order.  I still have to find a nice towel to hang on the dragon. Toilet paper just doesn't suit.

And yes.  I know I need to clean off the worktable...
 Zar and Tessie are not talking to one another again.  Zar went off to his radio study to pout.

It won't last.  Darn!!!
Tessie has taken up residence in the top shelf of the tower and keeps leaning out to see what is happening on Supernatural. 

I am just waiting for her to fall over the edge.  Leaning out is not a good idea.  Maybe I should slant the tower so that she can see.  I wouldn't want to be the cause of a terrible fall.

The good news for the day is, at least I don't have the flu.  We found the thermometer. I am running a 97.6 temp.  That is about normal for me. So I am not in to bad a shape.

We spent the morning in the garage and wound up getting rid of some things that just didn't need to be there. 

It kind of feels good to start the new year by unloading some things that we really don't need. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.  Maybe with something new started!

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Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling better, everybody around here has been sick with colds but I have only had one of them so far...