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Friday, December 8, 2017

Minis? What Minis...

OK.  I found two books and a jar of very tiny sea shells...

That's It...

 I spent most of the day decorating for Christmas.

This is the centerpiece for the table... Simple.

A small punch bowl with greenery around the bottom and bells and small ornaments inside.

Hey! It's fast and easy.
This is what took most of the day.  That silly tree is about seven feet tall.  It is pre-lit.  That's not enough.  We have a string of colored bulbs that flash.  Those have to be strung on too. 

By the time I was finished, I think that it took about three hours, all by itself.

Now all it needs is LOTS of presents.
I still have the feeling that, If I don't hide this or wrap it up soon, Kota is going to steal it and keep it for his own sleeping pleasure.

I am within a couple of rows of being done...

Then I have to get really serious about finishing the room box.

See you tomorrow.