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Monday, September 4, 2017

New Chair and the Bracelet

We went out and bought a new recliner this morning... One with buttons that you push, instead of a handle that you struggle with.

As a reward, I fixed Walter's favorite bracelet for the fourth or fifth time... He wears it 24/7 so I don't expect it to last forever.  Every once in a while he brings it in and says, "Can you fix this?"

I can and I do.  This time he lost two of the beads.  Fairly easy to fix.   I have spare beads.

While I was at it, I finished this one too... This one is mine.

The turquoise one was what started it all... I think that I have made that one 7 times.  I made them for everyone in the family one Christmas. 

I like the pattern so much that I just keep making it over and over.  It is fairly fast to finish and fun to do. I found the original on You Tube, years ago.  I am not even sure who did the original.

All together, I have probably made it about 20 times.  Different beads for all but the first seven.  Anyway, I locked Tessie in the workroom this morning and decided that it would be a bead break.  No minis today.  I am thinking about them.  I am just not working on them.

I am going to start a project for a Christmas present tomorrow.  It will be for a certain grandson.  I am not sure if I can show it on here or not.  I may have to wait until Christmas to show it to you.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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meemaw said...

Oh! Don't show us yet! Better to see it on a certain wrist at a certain time of year!! Lucky boy!