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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mine's Better!

Sure it is , Tessie!

They are exactly the same except for the door being placed differently.

Tessie decided that she liked where I put the window, but not where I put the door.  So... I put the door on the other side.

Yes. I said I did it... Because I did.  She couldn't handle glue, masking tape and walls all at once.  She did try, but it just wasn't going to happen...

So I volunteered to help.
She stacked her room on top of mine and decided that the door was in the right place in hers... In the wrong place in mine.

Oh well.  Mine is going to be a copy of a real room.  Her version is something that just popped into her head.

I asked her what hers was going to be.  She just shrugged and started going on how nice it was going to be... Not a word about what it was going to be.  I don't think that she knows. 

All she is worried about is "equal time".  I have to spend as much time on hers and I do on mine...
Her window and mine are in exactly the same spot.  She thinks that hers is better, because the door is further away from the window.  Better cross winds.

I am not sure what either of us is going to use for a window.  I don't have any pre-made ones in my stash... I know I can build a window... I wonder if she can?

I had to go to Wednesday Witches this afternoon, so I didn't get a lot finished.

Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting to go to.  When I get home,  I will have to work twice as hard... Some for me and some for Tessie.

I will see you then.

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