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Monday, September 11, 2017

Almost Proud! Almost Finished!!!

I knew that I was in trouble this morning.  I went to find Tessie and she was wearing her favorite purple apron... That's always a sign that "we" are going to do some serious work.

I was right.

She announced that I was going to finish cleaning the workroom and she was going to help... Sure she was...
Actually, she did help.  Lots of nagging and a few "Good for you!" comments...

I am now officially down to the baskets that you see here.

The only problem is, they are all jewelry things...  Tiny beads to great big ones and a lot of findings mixed in.

This is all I had left of the minis.  I went ahead and put them away.

I will probably have a few things in the wrong place and I will hunt for them for hours, the next time I need them. 

But! They are done!!!!
After I finished, I sat down with a cup of coffee and put my feet up.

We are going to a movie this morning, so I won't get to the jewelry stuff until we get back.

Tessie sat on my feet all of the time I was drinking my coffee and enjoying the scenery.

She kept commenting on what a good job "we" did.  I may lock her in a cage whilst I clean out the jewelry stuff.  I know that she will have all kinds of ideas for new jewelry that she needs...

Anyway, I am patting myself on the back for getting it this clean... Probably next week I will start again.

I am off to get ready to go now. 

See you tomorrow.

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