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Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's Tessie's Turn...

Tessie is playing with leftovers again...

I took the end off of the conservatory in one piece... Kind of... There were a couple of bricks missing, but it was mostly there.

She had me cut a base for the wall and then she started making plans for it.

I over heard her and Daisy talking.  Tessie told her that it wasn't quite as good as a time machine, but it could work for getting into all kinds of places that the big people don't want us to get into...

For example, the workroom, where all the good stuff is stored.

Her theory is, you put her wall next to the room that she wants to enter and just like that!  Open the door and go inside...

I am not going to break her bubble, but I am wondering how she is going to get the wall that her wall is fastened to out of the way?
 She heard me question that and she simply grinned and said one word... "Magic!"

I am not holding my breath until I see if this works.  I have my doubts.

Daisy seems to believe every word that Tessie is spouting.
I didn't realize how slanted the sides of the conservatory were until I saw these photos.  Oh well... Maybe that's part of the magic???

Anyway, stay tuned to see how she does this... I know I am going to  be listening to see if I can pick up any tips on how to make something like this work...

We shall see how she does it.

And I will see you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
If it works, you should patent a real human sized one!
Big hug