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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Strange Invaders...

I did not plant these!!! They came up whilst the rain was coming down. That was yesterday.  This morning they were open and in full bloom as real live toadstools. I don't know what kind they are and I don't think that I want to know.  They looked evil.  I very carefully took them out and put them in the garbage can.  No.  I did not touch them!
This morning I opened the door to the workroom and as I did, I thought about how long I have gone without going through everything in there.

There surely has to be things that I really don't need and things that just plain aren't useful. 

I have decided this time that I have to go through all of the boxes, drawers, baskets and houses and get rid of things that are of no use to me any longer.  There would be so much more room in there if I did that...
So... I am doing just that.  I started with this corner this afternoon and opened all of the boxes and baskets, etc... etc... etc....

I threw out glue bottles that have been dried up for years. 

Oops. I just noticed the 1/2" house.  I forgot to go look in there.  I know that it has furniture in it.  Not all good furniture. OK.  That's where I go when I get done here.  That needs fixing!

And what is Tessie doing?

She is trying to convince me that she really needs another she shed!

So far it's not working... She dug out an old chase lounge and told me that it would look "dandy" in there...

Nope. I am not building a She Shed for an old piece of furniture that should go in the trash bin.

Zar is winning so far.  I like the rug that he is having me make.  That gets a higher ranking than an old beat up chair.

I am going to go and work on the rug some more... I haven't done anything on it today. It's about time.

See  you tomorrow.

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