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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Inspector Tessie Strikes Again!

I got the roof cleaned off yesterday and a lot of the dust out of the rooms.  There is still a lot to go.

I made a mistake though.  I let Tessie in for a look at the castle....

I explained to her that, until I turn the lights on, none of the people come to life.

She immediately started wandering through the rooms and chatting at people that couldn't hear her.

She stopped in on the Princess and whispered in her ear... "That stupid Queen is putting cooked peas under your mattress.  How does she expect you to feel squashed peas while you are sleeping... Of course, the Princess couldn't hear her so Tessie got bored fast...
Then she proceeded down to Sleeping Beauty's bedroom...

She catches on fast.  This time she yelled at the top of her lungs, "Hey Casey! I want this dragon!"

I kicked her out fast.  Sleeping Beauty may be asleep, but she's not dumb.  As soon as I introduce her to Tessie, she is going to know where the dragon went.

I think that Tessie was more interested in the three crystal balls that are lying beside his tail.
After I got her out of there, she proceeded to go to the Queen's quarters and ridicule her recipe for making poison apples... "Snow White will never bite on this one... Pardon the pun. I have a much better recipe for poison apples. Just ask Zar.  The last time I got him to eat one, he slept for three days straight."

Anyway, I got the table that she is standing in front of cleaned and the brass pieces polished.  So we are on our way!

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.

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