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Saturday, May 13, 2017

I'm The Fairest!

I worked on the Wicked Queen's Room this morning. 

I told you that taking photos can catch what I have missed cleaning... I did everything but the mirror itself.

I didn't do too much to the queen's disguise.  I figured that she would want it old and ragged anyway. 

The chest was built and painted from scratch.  It is a copy of a real Italian one from the 1700s.

The mirror and sconces are my design  made of white poly clay and painted.

I put the queen back in her rightful place and that was when I noticed the mirror was not reflecting well.

As soon as I finish writing this, out comes the Windex!

The walls of this room are the back side of the outside walls.  I thought that they looked like Venetian plaster.  They turned out pretty good.
The door is real wood... The iron is not.  It was made from black card stock.  The pattern was from a book on the World's Fair back in the 1800s.
Tessie strikes again!  About the time that I started to take this shot, she bounced in and started talking to the Queen... To quote her, "You are NOT the fairest. I am!"

I very carefully reached behind the castle and turned on the lights...

Let the fun begin!
The Queen came to life and immediately started fighting back. 

I stood back and let them have at it for a few minutes. 

They argued as to whom was the fairest. 

They stopped to take a collective breath and reached behind and pulled the plug.

The Queen immediately went into silent mode and Tessie yelled, "I WON!!! I'm the fairest!"

That's how we stop arguments around here. I am always going to pull the plug when it will be to Tessie's advantage.  I know which side my bread is buttered on! She will be happy for the rest of the day. Maybe she will let me get more cleaning done, without complaining all the time I am doing it.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.

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