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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Here's the Plan!

First we have to relieve Kota of the book that he is protecting... Walter pulled out the album of photos that we took when our house was being built... A long time ago... We are having the roof re-shingled and have to have proof of what it looked like when first built, for the homeowner's association.

Walter put it down on the bed and Kota immediately took charge of it... We are going to have to distract him with something to replace it.  It is now his book and we are not to touch it!
I have figured out how I am going to get the castle to sit on these two chests.

They will be pulled out a little more in the center.

I measured and the size of the base of the castle is only 18" by 36". The base is smaller than I thought it was.  I think that this is going to work!

I am going to cut a piece of my ceiling tile down to two feet deep.

This will sit on the two chests and the castle will, in turn, sit on this... I think it is going to work... Fingers crossed!
Tessie has already picked her spot on the opposite side of the room... Now if I could only make her stay there...    

I am sure that she will be "helping" from the start.  She has always wanted to live in the castle... Not going to happen!

Right now she is camped out in her sewing box.  If it would only last until I am finished...

Oh well. A girl can dream...

See you tomorrow.

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