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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A One Woman Settee

OK. Back to minis.  I got the upholstery done on the settee and footstool done.  Well, I still need to put some braiding around the edges of the cushions, but other than that and a few throw pillows, they are done.

I won't go into fine detail because there are other entries on the blog that do that.

The top item in the photo is a piece of foam core cut to the seat pattern. I glued fabric to the edge of that and wrapped it around to both sides.

Then I took a piece of cardstock and drew a grid on it that I could follow to tuft the top.  I used a double strand of thread to do the tufting, working from the center out.

I did that separately and trimmed off the extra batting even with the cardstock. Then I glued it onto the foam core piece.
It was basically the same process for the footstool.  The only difference was I left the foam core piece off and just attached the padded piece to the center of the stool.

Yes.  I needed all that glue.  This piece is a bit harder to keep down.

Anyway, all I have to do is add #5 black perle cotton to all of the edges of the tufted areas. 

And yes... This is a totally different fabric.  She found it at the bottom of a drawer when I threatened to use fabric that I liked... What she doesn't know is... This is the fabric that I was thinking of using.  I stuck it at the bottom of the drawer where I knew that she would find it... Yes.  I'm evil... Shhhh!
I just barely got the photo taken of the finished piece.  Then Tessie jumped in and made herself comfortable.  Strangely, when it was unfinished it was big enough for two people... Now it is a one person chair, instead of a settee.

She wants a bolster pillow for each end.  Then, to quote her, "It will be a perfect one person chair.

I guess I shouldn't fight it.  I am off to add trim and make bolster pillows now.

See you tomorrow.


anisnofla said...

Muy bonito.

Ingi said...

The chair is lovely, I like the fabric!

miniaturista said...

Buen tapizado.
Un abrazo

Giac said...

Hello Csey,
It looks wonderful d so comfortable. Your work is always wonderful and I very much appreciate how you share your knowledge with us through your blog.
Big hug,