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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kota Bites!

Would you argue with this face?  I am not arguing!  Every time I stop working on one of the Christmas presents, he starts stalking me... And  growling...
I did manage to put some stone under Desmond's feet.  He seems more secure.  He still needs to dry a little, so I am working on Christmas presents today...

 No.   I am not going to show you what I am doing... Someone might be spying on me to see what they are getting... I'm not telling...

I have been working since about 7 this morning.

I am getting nowhere fast and making a huge mess doing it.

I think that Christmas is just a holiday where you make a real mess of your house, so that you will have an excuse to take everything out, clean up, and start over... I am in the take everything out part right now. And getting nowhere fast.

Back to the grindstone.  See you tomorrow.

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