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Saturday, November 19, 2016

It Only Takes a Couple of Days....

Yup.  I am back to cleaning mode.  There are gremlins in there.  I tell you!

Tessie hires them to come in and mess up things.

Then she leaves, so that I won't catch her doing it.
 She even has Jewelry Gremlins involved...

I didn't do this.  Honest!
I do feel better about my closet though.  I took everything on my side out this morning and color coded the hangers again... All T-shirts on green hangers. All pants on blue.  All fancier stuff on  black.

I had them on five different colors for a while.  I think that the three color system is easier for me to handle.

Now on to the fun stuff... Nope. Not minis.  I am going to lay around and watch Korean Dramas for a couple of hours. Maybe do some jewelry making whilst reading subtitles.

Back to the serious stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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