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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was one of those days.  I pushed the button twice when publishing the blog.  Phyllisa made a comment and told me about it... So... I went and took one off, without looking to see which one had the comments... One of those duh moments. 

I eliminated  her comment and Giac's too.  Sorry you two! I didn't mean to do it.

Anyway.  I found this Mexican hand painted pot yesterday at Goodwill.  This big size goes for about 50 dollars in stores around here... I got it for SIX dollars! 

This morning I potted a euphorbia in it.  Moved a few other plants to bigger pots and that is my excuse for not getting more mini-ing done. 

I have been doing a lot of gardening for the past week.  Getting ready for winter...Yes.  We do get frost here a few times a year.

I trimmed one and a  half of the Cape Honeysuckle, with at bit of help from Walter on the high parts. We can only stuff just so much in the garbage can each week, so it is a slow process.  They aren't picking up brush and bulky stuff until next month.

I did get a little more mini-ing done this afternoon.  I have finished the bottoms of the Bunny Hutch.  All I have left is the peaks.

I had best get back at it an finish the job. 

Saturday is the mini show and sale.  I have to finish a few things so that I will have an excuse to buy more minis. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. No problem on erasing my comment. You were the only one who needed to see it.
I didn't realize the mini show wasn't until Saturday. I have been holding my breath
(sort of) waiting for your report on it. I used to go every year to the mini shows in Seattle, but haven't been for a number of years now. It takes time and money to attend
those, neither of which I choose to invest nowadays. So enjoy it for both of us and
I hope to see loads of photos.

Giac said...

Good morning Casey,
No need to apologize...we all know how moody blogger is. That pot is beautiful and I can't wait to see the bunny hutch!
Big hug

Summer said...

Love the pretty flower pot ♥