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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Not Much of an Excuse...

This morning, I rearranged all of the plants on the patio and put tile tops on both of the tables.

I had to have Walter help me with the big pot on the corner of this table.  He lifted and I slid the tiles under it.

Maybe this will help keep the wet off of the wood.  Maybe...

I did the same on the left side too.  These poor tables used to be in our living room.  When we got new ones, I moved them to the patio...

They are in dire need of a good refinishing, but until I can do that, they at least have new tops.
I also re hung all of the bird feeders and humming bird feeders.  The whole thing took me a few hours.

Then I had to stop and get ready to go to the Wednesday Witches meeting... A great time was had by all...

My only excuse for not writing the blog earlier was...  This...

When I got home, it was very peaceful.  I left the TV on in the bedroom and Tessie fell asleep watching "Charmed". 

She does that when I am not around to stop her.

The only trouble is, if she is sleeping when I return, I tend to not wake her up if I can help it.

I didn't.  And she was not around to remind me to do the blog. 

Walter came in just a little bit ago and asked if I had done it yet... OOPS!  Nope.  This is a very, very late episode.  It is now 6:20PM.  I am a bad blogger.  I promise to do better tomorrow.  When Tessie sees this, she will not let me live it down.  And she will be on my case to do it earlier from now on.

I hope that you have a nice evening... I am going to go join Tessie.  I am going to wake her up and annoy her for a bit, until bedtime.  That's what she does if she finds me napping... Turn about is fair play.

See you tomorrow.

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anisnofla said...

¡Qué bonitas todas esas plantas!