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Saturday, October 15, 2016

First Stop. Hairy Potter...

No Not the one from the kid's book.  This is the real one.  He came first!

 I first saw him and bought pottery from him in Phoenix years ago.  Way before the other Harry Potter came on the scene.

Of course, Tessie pounced on the table and started doing her thing... "I'll have one of these and one of these and two of these."

We ended up with eight pieces... Five are from the display in front of her.  She went staggering around the table with both arms full.

While she did that, I chatted with Craig... His real name is Craig Roberts and if you ever see him at a mini show be sure to stop and see all of the wonderful things that he makes.

He is bringing along his ten year old son into mini pottery.  The pots above are pinch pots that his son helps him mold.  Then Craig does the glaze work.  Tessie got five of those. 

He does the larger pots like the one in this photo.  The jug actually holds liquid.  There is a false bottom in the top brown section!  The scene inside is half scale and has everything that the well equipped potter would need.

This is a shot of the interior. Yes, it is also electrified!

Great work!

Anyway, this is the assortment that I found Tessie staggering around the table with.  I couldn't resist.  I bought them all.  I already have plans for the one by her right foot.  It is the perfect size and has a silver drain cap in the middle for a top mounted sink.  Now all I have to do is build a dressing table to mount it on.

For some reason, her favorite is the one that she is holding... Magic anyone? I don't think that I want to know what kind of potion she is going to put in it...

Tomorrow, I will show you more of what I bought.  Or maybe I should say more of what Tessie forced me to buy.  She is such a bad influence!

I am going back to look at the rest of the goodies now...

Just Remember... Hairy Potter.. With an I and one R. Or Craig Roberts

See you tomorrow.

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Lené said...

The pots are beautiful, but that jug is just amazing! I'm with Tessie on this one, you need to get loads of them.