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Saturday, September 3, 2016

With NO Help From My Friends...

I am finally satisfied with the look of the beadwork/jewelry making cabinet.  I moved the leather and wire, among other things, to the left in that old CD cabinet.  And LOOK!  I have a whole shelf at the top.

That won't last long.  I am thinking that my bead looms will fit up there.  Just... I have a couple of big ones.

 I finished the three drawers below.  The top still contains wood.

The second drawer now contains all of my wicker, including supplies and finished pieces.  This is the first time I won't have to hunt for finished pieces.  No more stuffing them in here and there.
And where did Kota and Tessie spend the morning? 

They cuddled up on the bed and went to sleep...

Well, Kota did.  Tessie kept waking up long enough to sing him another lullaby when he opened his eyes to see what she was up to. 

Anyway.  Both of them were out of my hair and I think that was a good thing.  I got the jewelry supplies and the other stuff cleaned out in half the time that it usually takes me when they are around.

I am watching the Japanese version of Ninja Warrior while I clean. I was a fan of that on G4 network, long before the  Americans even knew there was such a thing.  They are having a three day marathon.  It is fun to watch the old ones. I don't think that I will get through the whole three days, but I am going to try.  What I don't see, I will record. It's on Esquire network if you are interested in the real thing.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Phyllisa said...

Your bead cabinet is looking good!