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Monday, September 26, 2016

We're Going to Need More!

I am not sure what Tessie is planning for the conservatory, but she announced that the twenty pots that I made this morning was not going to be nearly enough!

She punched a LOT of leaves yesterday and cut more stems.

She put the bottoms on the pots that I had made.

Then she started in on the "we need more" thing.

I think that there are 19 so far...

I'm not sure where they are all going, but I heard her say something about a LOT of shelves and a potting table...

I am not sure where she thinks that everything is going to fit in this conservatory.  It is not that big...

Incidentally, the pots are just the pitchers turned upside down and closed on the narrow end, instead of the wide end.  And a band is attached at the top edge. Some were cut down in height.

I think that she forgot about these.  They are still growing and some may need larger pots before this project is finished. 

I think that I am in trouble... She's not.  She doesn't have to build the pots or grow the plants.

Anyway, I am going back to work on more pots for "her highness" now.

See you tomorrow.

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