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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Clean Up Crew...

Now that the Skeleton Crew is gone, we of the clean up crew get to work. 

I had to take all of the party participants home. 

Tessie left Zar where he was.  He must be getting old.  He fell asleep about 10:00PM.  He still hasn't budged. He has Spike to keep him warm.

Tessie actually started cleaning the closet.  She announced, "It's much easier without all of those extra aprons. 

I have the feeling that she is, as a grandiose gesture, going to give the Skeleton Crew each an apron... I am hoping that will mean that she will let me off the hook for making aprons for a while.

 I had to check and make sure that there were no more party goers upstairs. 

No party goers, but a very dirty floor.

I spent the morning deep cleaning our real kitchen.  The microwave hadn't been moved since well before the cancer came into view.  Now that it is gone, I am slowly, but surely getting things in the real house back in order... Step by step.

OK... Another floor that really needs cleaning!  The rooftop garden is in bad shape.  Rocky Raccoon is still drinking.  He seems to do that, party or not.  Maybe it's because he has to put up with Tessie all the time.

Anyway, after all of the kitchen cleaning, I am going to wait until tomorrow to do the floors in Tessie's Townhouse.  I do them a LOT faster than she does, so she just waits until I am in the mood.  Tomorrow Tessie!

See you then! 


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm glad the party is over and all is under control. I like Tessie a lot, but a vodka martini or 2 could only make her even more appealing ;)
Big hug

Caseymini said...

Giac, Tessie doesn't drink. It makes her sleepy and she doesn't want to miss anything!