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Friday, September 9, 2016

It Fits!

That was Tessie this morning after I finished the first hat.  She loves the bonnets, because there is a place to put her bun!

OK.  Here we go.  I am doing the first one with the velvet floral ribbon. 

The first thing that you do is cut off a piece double the size of what you need and crease it crosswise in the center.  Spread white glue on one side.  I use my syringe and try not to get it too thick.  Just enough to hold the ribbon together.

Then let it dry. I sometimes do this step the day before, so that I won't have to wait.

This it the three piece pattern.  Starting with the top left piece.  That is the side of the crown. The piece next to that is the brim.  You can cut that out with other shapes if you want.  The one that I am making will be with curved corners.

Probably your best bet is to enlarge the pattern on one of your programs, so that the brim is exactly three inches from point to point. That way the rest of the pattern will be exactly the right size. It doesn't have to be exact, but it will turn out better if it is.  Just so all of the measurements are relative to one another.

 Next you lay out the pieces on your ribbon. Cut them as exact as you can.  This part is important. 

The top of the back is not really a pattern piece.  It is just approximate.  I glue that on and then trim around it with fine scissors.

These metal hair clips are the best thing that I have found to hold it together until the glue dries.

There is a lot of waiting for the glue to dry.  That's why I usually plan to do several at a time.

After you have the body of the hat glued and dried, glue the last piece to the opening on the top edge of the back.  Let it dry and then trim it.

After that, you can trim and decorate it any way you want to.

I did this one with two bands of angel lace running over the brim and crown.  Then, I ran unraveled Bunka around the edges... Up the back and around the crown.( Angel lace is a type of lace that they use in women's underwear at the edge of bras and other unmentionables. I usually find it at mini shows.)

I glued one strip of ribbon over the seam between the brim and the crown.  I left a tail for tying on either side.  Then, one loop at a time, I glued ribbon, in a bow shape on either side.  You can make the bow separate and glue it on or just do it one loop at a time as I did.

This is the point where Tessie started getting hysterical.  "IT FITS!"  Over my bun!  It fits!....

She grabbed it and posed for the photo.  Then, assuming that I made it just for her, she zapped out of the room.  I have seen her in several places showing it off to other mini people.

You would think that I never made her anything, the way that she is acting.

At least for today, I made her a happy camper. 

I don't think that she will be as happy with the one tomorrow.  I may have to make it to fit over her bun too.

I will give you the right pattern, no matter what. She doesn't have to know that I adjusted it for her big head!

The one that I make tomorrow will be with regular fabric.  That's so you can do all of the hats either way... I do like these with the ribbon though.  They are stiff without all of the extra work that fabric involves.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Kitty said...

This is such a cute hat, thanx for sharing Casey. Good thing you made Tessie happy, hope this will keep her out of trouble for awhile .


Unknown said...

Какая красота!

elizabeth s said...

I agree with Kitty, this IS a cute hat and it is even more cute, seeing the bonnet on Tessie! :))


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That hat is lovely...and the color is great on Tessie. Thank you for your tutorial.
Big hug