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Monday, September 12, 2016

As Good As It Gets....


I will be taking the two bottom signs down tomorrow.  They will no longer be needed.
From right to left.  None of it is perfect, but it is close. 

I think that the right wall is in the best shape.  All of the beads are in the right place now and the other stuff is sorted by category.  I can pretty much lay my hands on anything that I need to in a short period of time. No more hunting for hours for one little piece of something.
This wall is always hard to take a photo of because of the window, but it is in the best shape it has been in, in a long tome.  Again.... Ask me where anything is and I can find it.

I need to empty the garbage can under the desk, but other than that, everything is where it should be.
This wall is easiest to keep clean.  Mostly books, wood and a few mini scenes.  And all of my basket making materials.

The tall stack of plastic boxes at the left is all of the landscaping materials.
This is the last wall.  Everything is where it belongs.  Now if I could only get all of that dratted paper off of the front of the drawers, everything would be good.

I am to the point now that I might just put the paper back on the few drawers to the left and let it go at that.  I didn't think that it was going to be this difficult to get the paper off.

I am calling the cleaning spree finished.  I am back to knowing where everything is and being able to find things again. 

This will last for a couple of weeks.  Then thing will be back to normal... Hunting for a ruler for half an hour... Hunting for the cat... He is good at getting lost in this room.  I have closed him inside a couple of times and had to rescue him when he called and clawed at the door.

Anyway.  For the time being, all bets are off and the game is over for another few weeks.

See you tomorrow.


Marisa said...

looks good to me :)


Summer said...

Glad your cleaning spree is finished! Happy Tuesday ♥

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
that workroom is inspirational! well done.
Enjoy it while you can ;)
Big hug