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Friday, August 5, 2016

Wherever They Land...

They grow!

These are some of the Mexican Hat version on the Mother Of Thousands.  They landed in a puddle of water on one of my brass candlesticks... Yup.  They are merrily growing roots in the water... Not bothered a bit by no soil.
This is the other version that I call Mother of Millions.  They are very pretty as they are, but about Christmas time, they have beautiful clusters of coral red flowers at the top that look like a firecracker display in the sky.

I think that is the reason that I like them so much.

I have been out in the back yard digging some of them up so that I can give them to the Witches on Wednesday.  I think that they might like to grow some for minis too.

It's up to them.  I am potting them up and they will be there to be shared if they want them.  If not... More for me and Tessie!
This is another one that I will probably pot up to put in the conservatory.  It seems to grow anywhere I put it.  This one has been growing in the yard behind the swing.  It doesn't seem to grow fast, so it is a good candidate.
 This is the mother plant.  If I break anything off and stick it in a pot, it grows.  Good mini plant.
I got this one this morning.  It has lots of pups on it.  Some in the center and some on the stem.  Each one will make a new plant.  I am going to see if I can keep them small for any length of time.
This it the Mexican Hat Mother.  It is definitely losing babies to the wind.  I have found them here and there around the yard.  Those are the babies in the water, in the first photo.
Tessie has been running all over the yard finding babies for me to plant. We have eight little pots started, but I think that we are going to have to quit for the rest of the afternoon...

That deceptively blue sky that you see behind her is really a rather dark shade of gray.  There is a monsoon blowing in from the south. 

I had better go batten down the hatches and hide under the bed.  It's coming this way.

See you tomorrow.

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