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Friday, July 1, 2016

"Build Me An Ark!!!"

That was Tessie!  OK. I am about to start building one for myself!

It is dark, dank and dismal....

I forced Tessie to the back porch to pose in the photos and you would have thought that I threatened to pull all her fingernails out by their roots. Do fingernails have roots?

I don't know, but Tessie is raising such a fuss.

The photos are from Left to right as you step out the back door.

I have never seen the back yard this deep in water before.  It rained some for the past two days, but not terrible.

Then this morning the skies opened up and let go of everything it had in the way of rain!

It's kind of scary.  It doesn't show any signs of letting up. 

I was going to work on the antique store this morning when I got home from running errands, but it is so dark in there that I would probably have to redo everything I do today, tomorrow.

I have lights on all over the house and it doesn't really help much. It's DARK!

After I took this photo, I carried Tessie back into the house and that's when it really started pouring! 

I don't see any cats and dogs, but I imagine if I went fishing in the back yard right now, that is what I would catch! 

Tessie is now seated in front of the iPad, watching weird stuff on You Tube.  The satellite went out over an hour ago and I am going to have to get in a fist fight with Tessie if I don't want to watch things on how to prepare for a disaster.  She came in and informed me a few minutes ago..."We don't have nearly enough food and water.  We also need blankets." 

I asked her if there was anything else we needed... She answered with "I need rubber boots if you are going to shove me outside again.  And an umbrella.  And one of those life vest thingies... Now get to work on that ark!!! I need it now!!!".

Back to the drawing board.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Oh, you published twice! So you got a taste of what it is like living in the Pacific
Northwest where I live (near Seattle). We get lots of rain, especially in the spring.

I'm enjoying the process of the new building.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, I am not sure what happened. I am blaiming it on the storms. I went back and got rid of one anyway, so all is well.