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Friday, June 3, 2016

Tessie to the Rescue!!!

Tessie solved the workroom cleaning problem... Kind of...

When I went in that direction to clean this morning, this is what I saw.

How could I ignore a sign that is protecting me from harm? 

She didn't even bother to take the old sign down. She just slapped this one over the old one with some scotch tape and was trying to get down when I caught her. Literally.  If I hadn't, she would be in a heap on the floor in front of the door.

When I asked what she was doing, she replied, "I am saving you a LOT of time!   Now you won't have to keep at the never ending job of cleaning...  If you would like, I could make another sign that says that there is a bomb inside!"

Again, how could I argue with that?  Time saving is a good thing.

Then the rest of the plan was outlined... "If you don't have to clean, you can make me a vacation tiny home.  After all, it is summer and I need a vacation!"

Well. I have to admit it.  I would rather be doing a nice mini cottage than clean that stupid workroom!  It's icky!

By the time I got back from the workroom she had enlisted Zar to help drag the box from under the bed.  I got a photo of the outside and then she zapped it open... Please note that the directions have, once again, been thrown aside. 

To quote her..."We don't need no stinking directions!  You can do it with your eyes closed!" 

I am not even going to try to explain to her that I do need both eyes open to do this.  However I do it, she won't complain as long as I get it done so that she can have her vacation...

She has been watching too many of the "Tiny House" shows on HGTV.  Now she insists that I make her one... Oh well.  At least I won't be starting from scratch.  It is basically a tiny house kit.  It has a main floor that can be an open space.  And there is a loft for the bedroom...

Please don't tell her that there is no place for a bathroom in this kit... We may be making an outhouse from scratch.

Wish me luck.  I am going to need it.

Back to the kit.  No room cleaning today.  See you tomorrow.


Karin Corbin said...

in good tiny house tradition put a composting toilet in a closet and a outside shower or a bathtub with a bench built over it ;)

Caseymini said...

Karin, you are to nice... I was thinking mor along the lines of a chamber pot and a sponge bath!LOL

Fabiola said...

Great project. I love your new house.

elizabeth s said...

I've always liked this Vineyard kit and have seen a number of different approaches to it. It's with great anticipation that I will be following your progress on it Casey, knowing too, that Tessie will have lots to say about her new vacation home.
Even so, I know that she must feel quite pleased that you are ready to begin!