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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Working Wednesday...

Unfortunately, it wasn't minis...

This is as far as I got on the new bead project.  The colors in this photo are just about right.

I had to tear out a few rows. I am getting better at it though.  I haven't done any bead weaving for years.  Considering, I am doing pretty good.

One if the witches asked me if  I could make a mini rug with beads... I guess it could be done... Not something that I want to do though.
The small piece that is laying across the loom is the second piece I did...Trial run.

I will probably mount that one on some leather to make a bracelet.

I stopped long enough this morning to make a traveling bead box. It was just one of those flat plastic boxes that I carry my cross stitch in.

I made eight little compartments inside to separate the bead colors... It worked pretty well today.

Then I covered the outside with mini leopard print.  No.. That didn't add to the strength or make it hold beads better... I just felt like it.

I have to get back at it, if I want to finish this bracelet and get back to minis.

See you tomorrow.


Wee Cute Treasures said...

You are doing well with the beading, but I just have to smile at your creativity in converting a simple box into a carry case for beads. Nothing ever goes to waste does it??
Mini hug, Carol

Caseymini said...

Carol, the phrase "Use it or lose it."comes to mind. G