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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Two Down.....

Oh! Look!  Empty Shelves!!!  OK.  To be honest, everything that was on those two and a half shelves are in the bedroom. 
I am tired of trying to find things that I have carelessly tossed in the wrong box. 

I need ORDER!!!
This is where you have to find Tessie and Kota.  I'll give you a clue.  They are the only things in the photo that don't pertain to beading or my runny nose...

I have been teaching Tessie to run the label maker...
So far, I have two plastic boxes cleaned out.  Tessie has two labels made for said plastic boxes. 

It took her a while to learn to put spiders on either side of the words on the label.

Unfortunately, she can't make more until I get more boxes cleaned out. 

I decided that this weekend I am going to get the beads in order.  One way or the other.  I will either get them sorted or have a fit and start flinging the boxes around the room... I had better get to work... It is easier to sort beads that are still in the wrong boxes.  That's much better than digging them all out of the carpet...

I'm going back to work now.  Tessie needs more boxes to label.

See you tomorrow.

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