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Saturday, May 7, 2016

On the Move...

No progress on the curtains... I will get back at it now and report tomorrow.

I spent the morning in the back yard, moving things around.

It won't mean anything to you, but I am very pleased. 

The red dragon can now be seen from the family room, without  going outside.
I built a couple more glass towers.  Unfortunately, the sun is not over the fence yet.  When it is, the towers will sparkle.  Right now they look very dull.  I will try to get a better photo later. 

By putting some of the potted plants out in the yard, that frees up space on the back porch. 

Now I can actually walk around on the porch without tripping over pots!
I have only just started on the right side of the yard... Not much to see yet.  I am going to plant some things around the little house and the passion vine on the trellis will be putting out flowers soon... Lots still to do here.

I promise to continue the curtains tomorrow.

See you then.


miniaturista said...

Me encantan las plantas...huele a primavera...
Un abrazo

mcddiss said...

ese rincon del patio te ha quedado genial , me encanta