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Friday, May 20, 2016

OK! But I'm Keeping the Rug!

I had a small doctor thing this morning, but I put Tessie to work before I left the house.

I made her promise to get the bed frame glued together so that I could do the rope part later today.

She did...
When I got home, I set up the bookcase so that you could see the finished piece.

I am not sure what kind of wood they used for it, but it didn't take Minwax stain as well as most woods do.

I still had to break it to Tessie that it wasn't for her... Her only comment was the above. "OK. But I'm keeping the rug!".

I let her get away with that one... It was already hers... Don't tell her that though.  I want her to think that she won the battle.

I finished another bracelet, with the exception of the fastener.

Tessie volunteered to model it... No Tessie!  It's not a scarf!

The fun will wear off and she will soon give it back... Complaining that it is too heavy to wear.

Until then, I am going to see what other mischief I can get into.

See you tomorrow.

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