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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Three O'Clock in the Morning!!

There will be a party tomorrow morning.  Bright and early.

I have one wall of the workroom finished! And....

I woke up in the middle of the night and figured out why I haven't finished the weaver's workshop yet.

It's because of those two stupid windows on the floor.  Who needs to get down on their hands and knees to look out a second story window?  I don't think that I would.

The Terrible Two are only sitting on the floor to illustrate what a stupid idea it is to put windows on the floor.  And they had to move the loom out to accomplish sitting there.

There are NOT going to be windows there.  There is plenty of sunlight coming in through the skylight.
The Terrible Two illustrated what they would do if they really had to look out a window...

Yes.  They climbed the loom and sat on top.  I doubt that they could see much from there, but they made their point. 

Either look out of the back of the building or go outside and look.

Anyway.  By this time tomorrow the Weaver's Workshop and Woodworking  Company will be in business... Or should I say... The grand opening party will be going on.  Buffy and Spike will be there to sign autographs and pass out complimentary stakes... Hopefully, Spike will be the only vampire on the premises.  I do believe that Zar is wishing that someone else would take over the woodworking.  He is hoping to start building "Zar's Bizarre Bazaar". The Steampunk General Store that has been in the planning for several years now.

I spent a lot of the morning trimming bushes and trees in the back yard.  Brush and Bulky pick up is tomorrow. 

While I was doing that and the laundry... Kota found a pillow.  He will sleep anywhere that there is a space big enough... Not including his chin.

OK.  I am out of here.  See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Congrats on cleaning up your least that wall.
Yes, things move right along when we figure out what the problem is and the solution.
I hope Tessie will be happy when the Weaver's Workshop is finished and there won't
be any whining for awhile.
I think I see where I had the problem with the mini man's hands. So I'll give it
another go.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, dream on. You should know by now that there isn't a day that goes by without some complaints from Tessie. That's her job!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I remember when I first began following your blog. You were busy building The Weaver's Cottage and I was HOOKED! At the time I was just getting to know both Tessie and Zar so I thought that that was their only home, which was why they were so anxious for you to build it. I remember Tessie having a few tantrums in her impatience, but little did I know back then, that she and Zar own LOTS of REAL-ESTATE!
Even so, I am glad that you will be getting back to that Weaver's cottage because it has be one of my Very Favorites or yours, since when I first saw it. :D

jennywren said...

My great Aunt had bedrooms windows like that. She had a very old, tiny cottage and the bedrooms were in the eaves with the windows low down, in the only bit of wall there was as the rest was roof beams. I discovered if you sat on the bed (in the middle of the room if I remember rightly) you could see some of their gorgeous cottage garden. You had to be in just the right 'spot' though. I can't remember her exact words now but she used to say that bedrooms were for sleeping in, the windows were just to let light in and let you know the day had started. Whilst it always seemed 'odd' and funny to me (as a child) it was also cute and different (impractical though!)

Phyllisa said...

Where's the party?