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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I have the moving fever this morning.  I was tired of seeing Zar's den every morning when I woke up and needed something different to look at.  I moved it to the front hallway... Then Tessie started to look for him, to tell him what I did. 

Of course, the first place she looked was in his den... I do believe that I would have seen him if he were in there. Not at home.  We went looking for him and still don't know where he is.

Who knows?  Maybe he went somewhere with Daisy in the time machine... If he did, who knows when we will see him again... He rather fancies the late 16th century.

If you would like to see the interior more clearly, go to the right and look under Bloomingdale's Room Box.

Tessie gave up and went to thank Reggie for his help in the remodel of her townhouse... Or should I say  the scheme to get me to remodel her townhouse?

He still hasn't gotten used to the furniture in the bathroom... He gets dizzy every time he looks in the mirror... I do hope he doesn't want it changed!
Anyway, Tessie showed up with a plate of assorted cookies as thanks.  She knows Sir Reginald's sweet tooth is never satisfied. 

That's how she got him to help with the scam in the first place.
What she doesn't know is, I bribed him myself... Please notice the new tree stump table and the Chinese rug.  

I had to do that to keep him from throwing out the animals that live there.  Now all are happy.  Snake is still living in a hole by the fireplace.  He has promised not to go in the bathroom.  That would be just too much to pile on top of the weird furniture in there. 

The tiger has agreed not to eat anything without permission... That includes Reggie's hand that feeds him.  Here's hoping that those two are all he has to worry about. 

I have to go grab Tessie and continue the hunt for Zar.  It's not like him to disappear without telling us.

See you tomorrow.

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