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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just a Small Matter of Blackmail...

Tessie was whinging and whining all morning.  I was playing out in the garden when I should have been making a foot...

I told her I wouldn't make new feet until she showed you the old one.

I couldn't believe that she tried to fix it with sticky wax.  Well.  It kind of worked until she tried walking on it.  And she can't zap unless she has both feet to land on.  She learned that the hard way.  I had to go pick her up off of the floor three different times before she gave up on that.

Anyway, I had an Echocardiogram(just par for the course, nothing special) this afternoon and decided to wait until that was over  to do feet.
I made a new leg for the old foot and a new foot for the old leg.  Thus the parts were not wasted.

Then I made another foot like the old one for the right side.  I did some extra hands whilst I was in the mood.

I won't go through the whole thing. There are tutorials elsewhere on the blog.
All in all, I made two hands and three feet.  That should keep Tessie in hands and feet, at least until Saturday.

I think that Kota is truly our cat now.  He didn't bat an eye through the whole procedure. He took a bath and then just sat and snickered through the rest of the proceedings.

Tessie didn't even wait for the foot to cool.  She grabbed it and shoved it on.  Then she stomped a couple of times and was gone.

No, "Thanks Casey!", or anything else.

I did hear her yell as she zapped out of here.  She shouted loudly, "This foot is Extremely HOT!!!"

That's the thanks I get for making extras.

So much for feet and hands!

See you tomorrow.

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