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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Sale By Owner!

The other day, when I unloaded all of the furniture from Tessie's townhouse, I didn't think that she would actually get rid of it.

She did!

This morning, she flopped a sign over the top rail of the roof garden.  For Sale by Owner. Inquire within...

That's all it took.  And twenty minutes...
 It seems that Sir Reggie, Zar's uncle, has finally returned from his world wide adventures... He wants to settle down and help Zar with the Bizarre Bazaar.  That will last for a couple of months and then Reggie will be wanting to go off adventuring once again.

And silly Zar is going to let him do it. 

The last we saw of him, he wanted to run the basket shop in 2009... That one lasted two days and then he disappeared!

Anyway, the agreement was settled with a handshake.  I told Tessie that she should get it in writing, but she insisted that a handshake would seal the deal...

Next, they went to look and see if he could use any of the furniture that was taken out of the house.

He has already talked her out of all of the planters for the garden... I doubt that she will give up her pod chair or any of the other wicker, but he is a wheeler, dealer if I have ever seen one. 

She went to tell Zar that he was back and got a stern scolding from him.

He knows his uncle... To put it nicely, he sometimes refers to Sir Reggie as "That snake in the grass!".

Tessie has already promised Reggie that I will make any adjustments to the house that he wants... I am not liking the sound of this. 

Stand back!  I have a feeling that things just might explode at any minute!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Things just keep on exploding around you! Do you ever feel like you are living in a stick of dynamite. I do hope Tessie doesn't get any bad surprises from Sir Reggie. I've watched enough Judge Judy to know a handshake just doesn't cut it ;)
Big hug

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Great story! I need to come up with something new for my houses.