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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Overheard in Passing...

I was going for the workroom this morning.  I stopped in my tracks... Out of site of the Terrible Two...

They were sitting in the living room of the townhouse, discussing the disposal of said townhouse.

Tessie started with, "I have never liked this place.  It's too dark and dank... I can take all of the furnishings out and put them in another bigger house...
 She then proceeded to give Zar a guided tour of all of the things that she doesn't like...

Including the wardrobe that she insisted that I install when I was putting it together.  She needed more space for clothes... Mind you, there is a walk in closet to the left of this.  And she has another closet just for aprons in the workroom...
By this time, she knew I was there, with camera, and didn't particularly care.  She wanted her complaints on record.

Her only complaint about the bathroom?  Too small to swing a cat!  I don't recall her ever trying to swing a cat in that bathroom... She can't even lift Kota.  I think she must have been talking mini cats.
The roof top garden has a her Steampunk broom parked right in the middle... It was a gift from a friend and she made the choice to put it there. 

I rather like it there.  It can be seen by all who pass. 
Here is the closet that we earlier mentioned... It looks to me like there is still some room in there, but she says no.  Another cat swinging situation.

I am not sure why she uses that as a measurement, but I am guessing that all rooms have to be at least 9 or 10 feet square?

Anyway, she has announced that she wants a NEW and BETTER house.  To quote her, "I have outgrown this place.  I need something grander and much more spacious.... I was thinking maybe more of a manor house. Townhouses are so small and boring... I want something that I can spread out in." 

She  continued with, "I think I want something more on the order of Zar's cottage... but larger...much larger!"

Tomorrow I go to see the doctors in charge.  Maybe they can fake it and write me a note saying that I can't work on anything larger than a two room cottage... That might work if she doesn't see the 9 room kit that I have stashed under the bed...  Wish me luck.

I am all for getting rid of the townhouse to make more room.  I just didn't really want to build something twice the size to replace it! 

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Good luck tomorrow, Casey! I enjoyed revisiting this little townhouse! You did an incredible amount of work on this!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
She is an opinionated tenant, isn't she! I must say though, I do love a grand manor house and know you could pull it off.
Big hug