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Friday, December 4, 2015

Now He Approves...

It took a while... I bought this cat bed when we first adopted Kota...  He wouldn't touch it.

It got moved here and there all over the house.

When I moved Daisy's cottage into the bedroom to work on it, he started knocking things off of the chest where it is usually located...

In self defense, I dug out the bed and laid it in the area where the cottage was.

I figured that he would dislike it being there so much that he would stay away and leave the things on the chest alone....

Dream on... For the first time in months, he has decided that the bed is in the right place!

He climbed in and refuses to leave.  He is doing his imitation of Grumpy Cat. 

We can pet him as we go by, but he is absolutely and resolutely staying in this spot.  Don't try to get him out...

Meanwhile, I started making a French sign for my workshop door... It sounds so much fancier than "Workshop". Maybe it will be easier to keep clean, with this on the door.

I found the Atelier cross stitch on a French website.  I am making up the border as I stitch. 

The one that went with it was all fancy and flowery.  Not at all a serious workshop sign!

Years ago, I went through a phase where I was doing a lot of French cross stitch.  Mostly old Quaker designs.  This is one of the first ones I did.

Maybe I will have to do a few more.  I am enjoying stitching in the evenings.

No.  I am not stopping the cleaning.  I am just waiting for it to warm up in that room.  It is the coldest room in the house. 

By 10:00AM it will be reasonable.  I will go back in then.  Right now, I am going to work on the sign for another half hour.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Cara said...

Kota has finally claimed his proper throne! I love doing Quaker cross stitch designs. They're my favorite ones to do.

Caseymini said...

Cara, they are my favorites too!

Lucille said...

A long time ago, I did cross stitch and yes, it's very relaxing! I like the idea of calling it an "Atelier" rather than a workshop. It has a touch of cachet to it. I think I will think as my corner of the dining room as my Atelier from now on!