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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just Imagine...

Both Tessie and Spike showed up this morning whilst I was landscaping... No Zar.  He will show up about the time I put the last rock in place.

The "Just Imagine" was my answer when Tessie questioned the slab of stone for a door step and the rocks leading out from there... "So... Where's the door?"

I didn't want to close in the fireplace wing.  It would be impossible to see in if I did.  No fun at all!

Thus, you will have to imagine the doorway. I doubt that you will really miss it. 

Please ignore the mess inside.  That comes next.
I used one of the rocks that I got for Christmas to the right of the fireplace.  The stones and gravel, other than that one, are all from the back yard. 

I went out with a wire strainer and ran the gravel in the back yard through that.  That way, I don't have a lot of dirt and dust to stick down.

I tried out a tree by the chimney, but it looks a little busy... Maybe just a few bushes to break up the grass and weeds.
I over heard Tessie's side of a conversation with Spike.  They were discussing how they are going to get me to finish the inside. 

Tessie wants it done before I go to the hospital.  I think that she is planning on weaving me a couple of blankets for when I come home... Nice thought... However... I don't think that anything that she makes on that loom will fit on my bed...Maybe I will suggest a wrist warmer or two.  That might work. 

Anyway, I have to get on finishing the inside.  Right after I finish the half timber on the outside.  I still have a couple of places to do. And I still need to make a wrought iron brace for the chimney... It keeps leaning outward...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


miniaturista said...

Muy bonito.
Feliz año Nuevo.
Un abrazo

Debra Morin said...

Gorgeous my dear, gorgeous!