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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just a Little Side Tracked...

I stopped at Civano Nursery this morning on the way home from town.  That put me off on another tangent...

That's easy to do.  I like tangents... I purchased this pot because it was French.  Provincial Lavender.  OK... I was a little swayed by the fact that the dirt was covered with the same moss that they were selling for the same price as the lavender and there is also a small plant coming up in the foreground.  I have no idea what that one is, but it was like getting three for the price of one!  I like free...
 I also got the plants on the top left for free also... I asked the owner if it was marjoram like the single plant on the right.  He told me that it was a kind of mini mint.  And sure enough, it smells great. 

Then he said, "That's the last one left and one of the holes is empty so I can't sell it... I'll throw that in for free..."  I didn't argue!

All together, I think that I got enough to do what I want to do... Fairy Garden!  I am going to put it in the livestock watering tank, that Seth and April got me last Christmas.  Then when spring comes, I will plant everything elsewhere.
Walter was kind enough to drag home a 64 quart bag of potting soil last week.  I have to top off the soil in the tank before I can start planting.

Walter carried the bag in from the car.  I will be doing the moving a little bit at a time.  He is much stronger than I am.
 Between the plants that I bought this morning and the ones that I have in pots on the patio, I should have enough to fill the tank.

I want to do my own buildings for it, so I am going to finish the tree house as fast as I can. 

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas.  If you just put Fairy Gardens in their search, you get hundreds of ideas...
And most important of all, I will have a place for my Mesquite tree to live. 

Walter just got home from golf.  Time for lunch and then back to work on the Forest Fantasy Cottage.

See you tomorrow.

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