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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Still Changing...Today I Built a House...

Actually, I just built Kota a place to relax.  He likes it because I sprayed it with catnip... I doubt that he will stay there after the smell dissipates.

I cleared out the tools and supplies that I had under there and put in a folded plush lap robe.  Fastest build of the century!
 I changed out the towers too.  I didn't like them, because I couldn't see the individual items from across the room.  I like the Chinese carved wood panels much better. And I can see the subject matter...

Actually, I need to reverse them. The one that is now on the right is a bird of prey and supposed to be looking towards the two nice birds in the other panel.

On second thought, I think that I will leave them this way.  Less chance of violence on the wall...
I walked out of the computer room on my way back to the bedroom to take a couple of more photos and saw this!

The party is still going on at Daisy's place.

But now Daisy is back and I think that she is going to be upset.  No work on her kitchen and a hoard of guests, still eating everything in site! 

I do believe I am in trouble one way or another.  I didn't finish her kitchen and I didn't chase away the party crowd. 

I am now going to go hide in the bedroom and do more decorating... With the door closed, so that she can't get to me.

Besides, I have to clean up the mess I made whilst moving things around.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Kota looks content in his little house. Looks like you have your work all cut out for you what with Daisy being back. Looking forward to the kitchen decoration! By the way, I am working on my house. I'm working on a bedroom. Haven't done much on it since the last three or four years but now that I have started work again, I am not stopping. No sireeee!