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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday is for Shoes...

I have been trying to avoid seeing these shoes every time I enter the closet for about nine months. I bought them at the closeout sale on shoes at Walmart at the end of summer last year... Hmmm. Maybe it has been more like a year. There are sales going on right now.

I bought them for less than half price. I thought that I liked them.  I never wore them.  They were boring...

This morning I dragged them out and got out some beads, needle and thread and went to work...
This is what I ended up with.  The turquoise chunks are really turquoise...The rest are just plain old size six and eleven seed beads.

The elephants were some that I ordered from Etsy a while ago.

The fabric on the shoes has a pattern stitched in it.  I used that as a pattern placement guide.

Now... If I actually start wearing them, I have a few more ideas.
I went through the closet and found these.  Likely candidates for the bead treatment. 

I imagine that for the boots I will just do anklets that can be switched out. 

Now all I have to do is come up with something to brighten up the sandals.  When I put them on, they look like I have rags wound around my feet.  They definitely need improvement.  I am going to have to think of something. Back to beading.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Love what you did to the sandals, Casey!

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey! It appears that you have given your poor sandals, a new soul! :D Love your addition of the turquoise beads!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Your energy, creativity and love of life are infectious!
Big hug,