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Friday, August 14, 2015

Smelly Socks and Old Lace

Well. The socks aren't really smelly.  Yet...

The old lace isn't all that old.  I started this piece about 10 years ago.

I decided that it would be the perfect thing to work on while they were stocking me up with chemo. 

This is the third treatment and so far I am having fun and going on about my business as usual.

Anyway, I got three and a half leaves outlined.  I have to do that to the whole thing first. 

Then I work buttonhole stitches of various kinds inside the flowers and leaves.
As you can see.  It is business as usual.  I couldn't resist starting the filling stitches even before I got the outline ropes tacked down. That was at the beginning years ago...

There is a layer of brown paper, and under that is some batting and a backing of linen.  Those will be cut off and the lace will be a freestanding piece when finished.

I designed this as a collar a long time ago.  I was, at the time, wearing fancier clothes than I do now.

I will either wear it over a tee shirt or I will have to go out and get something to go with it.
When we got home I laid my bag on the bed...

Tessie found the socks that I was knitting whilst waiting. 

She crawled in this one an took a look at the finished one... Then she said, "You know that this would make a great sleeping bag for the Fantasy Forest cabin, don't you?"

I told her that I already have promised these to April for Christmas. 

She came back with, "I know where your yarn stash is and YOU know how to use it.  If you don't comply I am going to get the herd of deer and the two mooses that live in the workroom to come and have lunch... The cottage will be history! They love trees for lunch, and scrub brush, and flowers.... Then... "I want a big sleeping bag for me and a little one for Spike.  Now quit typing and get to work on my custom order!  Now! Now!  Right NOW!"  Then she started running for the picnic hamper in the bedroom that is home to my odd stash of unused yarn.

By the time I caught up she was inside.  Tossing yarn hither, thither and yon, to the furthest corners of the room...

She was grinding her teeth and mumbling.  The mumbling got louder and louder... Then it happened.  She lost her cool and screamed, "We NEED new Ya-Rn!!! And we need it NOW!"  Watching too much Willy Wonka will do that to a person...

I have a stash of Lion Brand Amazing yarn that she has never seen... I wonder if, I sneak it out to the car and go "shopping".  Complete with receipt. Never mind the date with a line through it and a new one written in... Will she believe it is new stuff???

I may as well go for it.  As they say, " In for a penny. In for a pound!".

When I was little I kept asking the question, "A pound of what?".  The grown ups just snickered....   I never did get the answer to that one... I am still wondering a pound of what... It can't be a coin from England.  Those don't weigh much at all...  I know.  We went to England to investigate a while ago... When I asked the question there, everybody snickered a lot in London too...

OK. I am off to plan a shopping trip for yarn in the morning...Wish me luck.

A pound of what????

See you tomorrow


JC said...

This is what the meaning is,
"If you're going to take a risk at all, you might as well make it a big risk."

From an old British expression (thus "pound" instead of "dollar"); the original reference was probably to theft (though this is not certain), saying that being arrested ("taken in") for stealing a small amount is just as bad as for a large amount, so you may as well steal a lot and hope to get away with it.
love your work and thanks for the humour. Tell Tess she should learn to knit

Caseymini said...

Actually Jenny, I knew the meaning. I was just having fun.

By the way, Tessie knits. She just can't handle the larger needles that I use for socks! The other problem is, she has the attention span of a fruit fly. Even when she starts something with small needles, I end up finishing. Doing anything for more than three and a half minutes is impossible for her!

Lucille said...

Hope you had a nice shopping trip,Casey and got all the yarn you needed. I love the work you are doing on that collar. Beautiful!

Maria Rodrigues said...

Thank you for the pleasure you give me everytime I read your blog.
I love your work and I´m grateful for all I have learned with you.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm glad your treatments are going well. the lace is lovely and I can't wait to see it finished. Tessie is so rude...but I see her point about the sleeping bags...but she is just SO RUDE!
Big hug,

Megan Wallace said...

So glad you are still sounding like you Casey. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you every day.
And one never needs an excuse to go yarn shopping. Just do it!