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Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Tessie's World...

The rest of us, are just along for the ride... At least that's how she sees things.

This morning, she strongly suggested that I should finish the shower curtain in the bathroom of the Fantasy Cottage, so that she could get cleaned up... That's how she put it anyway.

In order to do that, I had to recover the pin board.

There were barely any lines left on the graph paper and the wax was mostly gone from the covering.

 So.  I went to work and peeled off everything from the ceiling tile and started over.

First I cut and pasted three pieces of graph paper until I had a large piece that fit.

Then I made sure that all of the lines met up and glued it together.
It took three strips of blue painter's tape to stick the graph paper, covered with wax paper, to stick those to the board.

I used wax paper from Dollar Tree.  It worked OK, but I doubt that it will last for years, like the stuff that I usually buy at the grocery store.  Not as much wax...
Anyway, This is the fabric that Tessie picked out. 

That's why I say that it's Tessie's world and we only get to live here for her convenience...

I hate to admit it, but after it was stretched and pinned, she was right.  It goes well in the bathroom.  Almost bubble like, with all of those circles. And the background color is almost a perfect match for the paint.

I am going back now and spray the shower curtain with hairspray.  That will keep it from wilting when she takes a shower.  This could take a while.  Maybe a few extra coats of spray are in order. 

Back to the grindstone. Tessie is brandishing her whip and chair to keep me in line.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Tessie sure keeps you on your toes, Casey! You know what? When I first looked at the picture where you have all the pins sticking up (that was before reading the accompanying text) I thought it was a sort of garden with little things growing and bigger plants sticking up (which were the pins). I had to laugh at myself when I realized what it actually was. I thought Tessie had made a mini garden!

azteclady said...

I love seeing how your visions become reality--I would have thought the pattern was too large to be to scale, but once it's pinned in place, it looks great!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Well, I have to admit it does look pretty beautiful. This round goes to Tessie!
Big hug,