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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dumber Than a Box o' Rocks...

I'm sure that you have heard that phrase... That doesn't apply to my family.  They are very smart.  I have them trained to pick up rocks for my mini landscaping and weeds that pertain also.

This was my Mother's Day present!  I loved it!

They cheated and also got me an Amazon gift certificate.  That wasn't nearly as thrilling as the Box O' Rocks!  It will all be put to good use in the Forest Fantasy.

But a Box O' Cat is a different story.  This cat tree was left over from when we had reasonable sized cats.  Did I mention that Kota is between 161/2 and 17 pounds?

He has taken to sleeping in the top of the old cat tree... If we want him to get out of there, we run and find the shoe horn...  He kind of spills out over the edges..  Is that smart? Not necessarily, but it is cute.

OK.  Enough stalling.  Yes. I am working on the  Forest Fantasy Cottage. I have all of the trees covered with gesso. It will soon be ready for painting.  I do want to do some of the inside before I do that though. 

Jumping around?  Sure.  It's more fun that way.  All I have to do is decide what I want to do next... Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... That's the hardest part.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que buenos regalos , si es que acabamos por contagiar a nuestras familias de nuestras pequeñas locuras , Kote esta precioso y muy grande
a veces es bueno descansar un dia de un proyecto para poder continuar bien



Deni said...

cats are so funny!
OOo I love the trees how are you making those they look terrific!
your a clever lady!!!!

Fabiola said...

Your cat is so cute.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. YES! That's a big cat!
The "monkeys" that I have had here the last 6 weeks are going home in 2 weeks. I will miss them but my cat won't. They played rough and she didn't want to. She would hide.
It will be nice to get back to just one cat again.