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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Last One Left...

OK... This is the last full tray I have left... I would use it if I could get Kota to go sleep somewhere else.

Actually, that was yesterday.  He is now elsewhere, but I don't have time to work. The witches are coming.
This is my whole supply of what's left of the trays.  As you can see, most of what I have left is curved pieces.  They will work on a flat surface if need be, but I prefer that flat bottom of the tray for that.
This is all I have left to do, so I am not worried about running out.

What's left will suffice. Not much time today though.

I am making Fiesta Chicken Soup and Garlic bread for the witches.

I ran onto a bargain.  I got a pound of strawberries for 88 cents!  However... that was only 14 berries!

A couple of them are bigger than Tessie and will soon take over the world! 

Kind of scary? The one to the right has a nose and eyes!... well, OK maybe it only hints at that, but at this rate, the thing will be taking over soon.

I am going back to the chicken soup and the strawberries are going back in the fridge, where I won't have to worry about them...

See you tomorrow... If the strawberries don't get me first! 

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