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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Left to My Own Devices....

Walter made his annual trek to the 4th Ave Street Fair this morning... I opted not to go... I haven't been for years and he has fun searching out unusual gifts by himself. 

They are expecting over three hundred thousand people down there in the next two days and it's supposed to rain... Not my cup of tea.

I would rather stay home with pencil and paper...

I know I am supposed to leave well enough alone until after Christmas, but Tessie and Zar are under no restrictions.  So... I gave them a pad and pencil and told them to go to it!

Spike did most of the work.  The Terrible Two would be lost without him.  I think that he was an architect in a former life.  He has to poke his nose in every build.

The first photo shows the back wall.  False.  It sits inside the box by about a half inch.  I will measure closely when building.  It will have a hole for the screen and a recess at the bottom that the body of the machine will fit in.
The floor will also be false.  It will be elevated to a height that the bottom of the DVD player will slide under.

The Terrible Two were more concerned with the room, itself.  They specified that it will have to have a lot of seating.  Their parties are never really small..

My only question is, where is it going to live when it's done...?

I did it before.  I can do it again.  The burglar's room box was basically the same idea.  The place where it looks like a light is glowing is a recessed area in the back wall where my hand held TV can be placed. 

The only difference is, there will be a recessed back wall and a false floor to accommodate the machine. 

I took the pencil and paper away from them.... If I didn't, I would probably be building a whole house around the DVD player... I must remember to lock away all writing materials until after Christmas now...  No more speculating by the Terrible Two plus One... I do not want to build  Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the living room!

Back to work.  Maybe more cookies.

See you tomorrow.

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