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Thursday, September 11, 2014


As I was going through notebooks a couple of days ago. I found this House of Miniatures catalog from 1980. 

In answer to your next question... Yes, I do save everything, and the kitchen sink...

I got curious and started looking through it to see what I don't have from there. Believe it or not, I don't have as many as I thought I did.  Duplicates of some and others, I have never even seen.

I did find one interesting thing.  Someone gave me a copy of this pattern a long time ago.  I never knew the origin. 

I finally found it. It was a kit from House of Miniatures, back in 1980 or earlier!

Someone copied the pattern from the kit and gave it to several people in the mini club.  Hmmmm... Please don't tell House of Miniatures that I am doing the rug.  They might come and take it away!  I did some work on that one and then jumped to the one for the craft cottage.  Then to one other one.  I got a bit done on each. 

I did do a bit more on the chair... Tessie then told me to look at it from behind.  I did...

And as I did, she said,  "This chair looks like a skull from the rear...All it needs is a nose!"

I have to agree with her.  When it is finished it will look like that.  It's just a good thing that Tessie likes skulls. 

At present, it is a bit misshapen, but that will straighten out in the end.
Sorry about the sideways photo.

April sent this from her iPhone last night.  It absolutely will not rotate.  I had to put it in anyway. 

I know that you have heard of people with eyes in the back of their heads... Amare took it one step further than that...

April gave him adhesive wiggle eyes to play with and for some reason, he decided that this was where they belong... It doesn't take much more than the imagination of an almost three year old to come up with something like this. I got five photos of this and every one made me laugh. 

I hope that this brightens your day. Even sideways.

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey! Your grandson just gets cuter and CUTER!
How can you bear to not have him with you all the time? I say this because I'm not there yet, but perhaps one day.....
Meanwhile, how fun is that, when a mystery is solved about your rug, long after you have stopped asking the question? I always enjoyed the HOUSE OF MINIATURES kits, those and as well as the REALIFE ROOM KITS. I wish they were still making them.
Your chair is taking on a new life of its own by the looks of it. I am always so impressed by your speed; you are like a TURBO WEAVER! :D


Saara said...

Hi Casey! The chair looks amazing, and so does the rug! Great work!