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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Higher on the Left...

I still haven't gotten the curtains installed.  I decided that they needed a valance.

It was really easy to do, since I decided to do it wall to wall.  No building a box.

I simply measured and cut a piece of graph paper the width of the area and two inches from top to bottom.
Then I sketched a curve that I liked.  I did take away a bit more from the center, making it look more Moorish.

Then I cut it from illustration board and spray glued the fabric to the front for a smooth finish.

I clipped the edges, making Vs at the outer curves and straight cuts to the inner ones.  That makes for a flatter back side.

I glued the edges around to the back with Fast Grab.

Then the trial run...

It is not an easy task with Tessie holding it up.  I would say, "A little higher on the right."  And she would lift the left side.

Then I would say, "Your other right." That didn't work and she didn't think that it was at all funny.

So I switched to a little higher on YOUR right and she got it.  Now we have to work on the other side.  Whichever side that may be... As you are looking at the screen on your computer it would be the right... For her, it is the left.  You have to be extremely specific when working with her... If I don't tell her that she should come down from there, chances are she will still be there when I go back in to start working again later.

By tomorrow, I will have the curtains done.  I still have to take down the inner curtains and put up the windows.  That shouldn't take too long... However...

We are going to see "Expendables 3" this morning... Oh well.  Maybe I will be a bit late with the window...Hang in there.

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

Great fabric for your project !

Elizabeth S said...

Your valance makes the window seat look very cosy and inviting.

Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey
Your curtains and valance look really lovely.
All the best

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I love the fabric and the design of the valance is terrific. Brava!
Big hug,