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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Plants and Pots....

I went into town this morning, so not much in the way of minis.

I have been waiting for a while for the flowers on this plant to dry out, so that I could try using them as mini flowers.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the plant. It looks a bit like a rubber tree plant, but not quite. I bought it at Walmart when I saw that it had a bunch of tiny flower buds.  Then I kept it watered and my fingers crossed. 

It paid off!
These are the dried flowers next to my fingers, so that you can see the size.

I get the best results with letting the flowers dry on the plant.
Here's a close up. 

I will spray them with Patricia Nimmock's  fixative.  Then they will be ready to paint...

I almost like them the way that they are.  They would be pretty arranged in vases.

We shall see....
Here's another example of a small leafed plant to grow.  This is Stonecrop.   I already had a tricolor plant.  That one is green and white, with tinges of pink here and there on the leaves.

I lucked out on this one.  It has a plain green and also green and white in the same pot.

The leaves never get any bigger than this. You can pinch off a group of leaves from the end of one of the branches and it will root. It's another example of mini real life plants.
I thought that you might like to see a few of the mother of millions in George's desert scene.  They are very happy, living there.  I don't water them as often as the ones in the tub, so they aren't growing quite as fast as the other ones.

The other plants that are in this scene have been in here for over a year.  The one to the left of him is a Rat Tail Cactus.  Again, I took it as a branch from a pot, and in this case, I put some rooting hormone on it before I put it in.  It did just fine.  The one that looks like a big cactus, behind him is really a euphorbia of some kind.  The ones to the far right are just small succulents of some kind.  I have had them so long that I don't remember the name.  They were about that size when I bought them and I have had them longer than the bowl.  They grow, but very, very slowly.

Last, but not least, look at the little pots that I found at Dollar Tree!  They are new to me.  Our store hasn't had them before, as far as I know.

I threw the pencil in the photo, so that you could compare the size. 

They are hard plastic, with a flexible lid.  They will be handy for lots of small parts and beads.  Who doesn't need more small containers?

I am off to see what I can find to put in them now.  I am sure that won't take long.

See you tomorrow.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great plants. Very real. Keep in touch

Lucille said...

Nice plants, Casey! Cute little pots. I have some like that from the Dollar Store "Dollarama".

KathyB. said...

I never thought about drying some of the small blossoms around here for my miniatures, thanks for the great idea !